Edutech Services

Innovative Learning Solutions for Corporates, Academic Institutions and Professionals

Our programs and initiatives help unleash the potential in people and build outstanding leadership "at all levels and spheres of life" that can deliver on your personal and organisational objectives. We deliver programs that are interactive, tailored to the context and company, and deliver sustainable learning.

Total Ascent EduTech Division is a leading provider of Technology Solutions for corporate organizations, academic institutions and professionals. We provide customised and user-friendly Digital and Mobile learning solutions built around best practice training and development processes, to help you effectively create, manage and distribute learning content to your team or your students, anywhere in the world. Our diagnostics and learning management tools also provide you with invaluable insights and perspectives for optimizing learning and literally place the power of learning at your fingertips.

We assist in making learning innovative, easy, engaging…….and measurably impactful. Leveraging our deep industry, technology and product expertise, we help your people learn the skills necessary to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. We enable our customers to improve their performance and meet their learning objectives.

Our list of satisfied customers includes:

  • Corporate organizations setting up their own internal “Corporate Academies” to standardize excellence and reduce the cost of training
  • Specialist departments (e.g. Sales) implementing a system of internal certifications to maintain required levels of proficiency for Product Knowledge, Functional Skills or Organizational Policies
  • Professional bodies expanding from classroom only offerings and looking to extend their reach, influence and ability to track and manage membership and continuous learning
  • Academic institutions implementing Smart Classrooms or leveraging Technology to improve the “teaching and learning” process and streamline their end to end Campus Management processes
  • SMEs and Professionals looking to generate incremental revenue from their knowledge expertise

Total Ascent has over 250 Corporate Academies and Academic Institutions delivering learning content to about 10,000 professionals and students every day.