Education Services

Enabling an affordable and accessible Nigerian Educational System with world-class Institutions, Policies, People and Processes

Total Ascent’s Education Services Division is focused on enabling the continued development of the Nigerian Educational sector to improve access, improve quality and establish sustainable systems of governance and education that will ensure Nigeria creates its own set of globally renowned educational institutions transcending generations of students and empowering students and creating the resources to address our national skills gaps and needs.

This team’s strategic focus and initiatives are anchored by Professor Julius Okojie, who has a long and distinguished career of over 40 years in the education sector, including:

  • Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Universities Commission
  • Chairman, Standing Committee of Private Universities (SCOPU)
  • Vice Chancellor, Bells University of Technology
  • Vice Chancellor, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

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Online Options

Total Ascent’s GMAT Prep services are available online. All you need is a laptop or desktop, and a WiFi connection.

Total Ascent provides you with a “one stop online shop” with everything you need to ace the GMAT:

  • Secure access to the Total Ascent GMAT online portal – access it from anywhere in the world
  • Detailed study material on all the topics on the GMAT curriculum – thousands of GMAT Study Materials and resources
  • Additional Resources on the individual concepts tested on the GMAT – downloadable for offline reviews
  • Over 5500 GMAT Practice Questions (including Integrated Reasoning) with detailed solutions
  • 4 full-length GMAT Practice Tests (additional GMAT Practice tests available on request)
  • Personalized GMAT Practice Drills on specific subject areas or question types
  • GMAT Diagnostic Tools to track your performance and provide feedback – areas of strength and weakness, score improvement, timing – pinpoint what you need to work on and how to improve your GMAT Score
GMAT Online
Access to Online GMAT Prep portal + over 6000 GMAT Practice Questions (with solutions)+ 4 Full Length GMAT Practice Tests and Dynamic GMAT Diagnostics and Performance Tracking Package 
N30,000 for 1 month
N40,000 for 2 months
N50,000 for 3 months
On Demand
(Call Us)

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GMAT 1-on-1

This option is ideal if you require intensive training in specific GMAT test sections or subject areas on the GMAT curriculum. Total Ascent will work with you to develop a personal training plan to prepare you for the GMAT, and conduct private sessions to teach you the key concepts and strategies that will help you improve in those specific areas where you need help, and raise your GMAT test score. This package includes the following:

  • 1-on-1 GMAT Tutoring sessions with an experienced Tutor
  • Development of Personalized GMAT Training Plan
  • Diagnostic Analysis of Performance and Feedback on the individual GMAT Sections and Question Types
  • GMAT Training Materials and GMAT Study Aids

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 08101362561 or 08104224268

Our Tutors

Passion, Excellence, Experience

Our GMAT tutors are experienced MBA Alumni from top schools (Yale, Harvard,Kellogg, Booth, Darden, LBS, INSEAD, etc.) who scored over 700 on the GMAT or aced the LBS Entrance Exam and have a passion for empowering the next generation of leaders

Tosin Okojie
(MBA, Yale – GMAT: 730)
Favorite Module(s)
Critical Reasoning

Okey Osuji
(MBA, Yale – GMAT: 710)
Favorite Module(s)
Sentence Correction

Jide Olateju
(MBA, Yale – GMAT: 720)
Favorite Module(s)
GMAT Strategy

Bunmi Adeoye
(MBA, Darden – GMAT: 710)
Favorite Modules
Reading Comprehension

Nike Afolabi
Favorite Modules
Reading Comprehension

Segun Dada
Favorite Module(s)
Critical Reasoning

Adekunle Adebiyi
(MBA, Kellog)

Sola Alabi
(MBA, Insead)

Yemi Okojie
(MBA, Booth)
Favorite Module(s)

Our GMAT tutors are passionate about teaching and making a difference in the lives of their students. Drawn from diverse backgrounds, each instructor brings a unique and effective perspective to the learning experience. Our GMAT tutors make sure that you learn and fully understand the content and strategies required for the GMAT exam, and also leverage their own personal experiences and insights to assist you in successfully preparing for the GMAT, and the MBA journey ahead.

Our Testimonials

Hear what some of our students have to say:

I worked with Total Ascent over a period of 8 weeks. My Tutor created a study plan for me, which guided me through the GMAT process at a time when I was feeling very overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the course content. In the week leading up to each session, I would go through the many practice questions Total Ascent sent me, and this would then be used in the sessions. My tutor was a great teacher. Aside from having an in-depth understanding of even the most complicated GMAT problems, he was also very good at rendering the concepts less abstract and more relatable to his students. He was incredibly patient and encouraging, and more importantly, he was driven by a very genuine desire to see his students succeed. Working with Total Ascent gives you much more than just practice questions and solution sheets. Students can count on the Total Ascent team for holistic coaching and support through the daunting GMAT examination process, and for a personalized plan at their individual pace that will get them the results they seek.

Tokini Peterside (GMAT: 720) INSEAD

Total Ascent was just the kind of tutoring I had been looking for. I came across them after having a bad experience with another Lagos based company. I had the pleasure of having a Tutor who was extraordinarily patient with me and went above and beyond to ensure that I clearly understood the concepts being taught. I particularly liked that he solved questions WITH me, not FOR me. The Total Ascent team were always able to provided question banks at my request which I really appreciated. Total Ascent has a genuine commitment to ensuring that their students ace the GMAT. With their help I exceeded my target score of 680 and scored a 690!

Tola Sunmonu (GMAT: 690) Wharton

‘’I started working with Total Ascent 2-weeks before my scheduled exam date because I realized that I still had some content gaps that needed to be covered. The team at Total Ascent were extremely organised and professional (this was crucial with the short time frame I was working with). They wasted no time getting a schedule to me and I began an intense program. The Verbal lessons were particularly helpful because they focused on the key areas tested on the test (previously I had struggled to cover all the content). I was also surprised at how much I was able to improve my Quant score in such a short time too. This improved my confidence greatly and meant I was a lot less anxious during the actual exam. I’m really glad I invested in these classes and would recommend them to anyone taking the GMAT!’’

Amaka U. (GMAT: 700) 

“The outstanding thing about my journey to business school with Total Ascent is not just the quality and depth of the GMAT coaching, but the emotional support I enjoyed from the team. With Total Ascent, it was not just about teaching me to pass the GMAT, it was about getting me into my desired school. The team listened and emphatised with me; and proffered possible solutions to the challenges I faced at each stage. I got into my desired school, a secured a considerable amount of funding and even got awarded a graduate assistant-ship”.

Omowunmi Alimi - Robert H Smith School of Business (Maryland)

‘’Total Ascent provided an excellent opportunity to gauge my preparedness for GMAT and understand what I needed to do to improve. The Total Ascent team also provided me with excellent tutoring, mentoring and useful resources to aid my preparation. With Total Ascent, I was able to improve my score to 650 and pursue admissions to all my target schools.’’

Jasmine N.

‘’Total Ascent provided a great learning environment with wonderful facilitators and helpful team mates. The Total Ascent team helped me to build my confidence and prepare well for the GMAT. I had taken the GMAT twice before without success but with Total Ascent’s assistance, I improved my score by over 100 points and gained admission to the school of my choice. The Total Ascent team even put me in touch with one of their former students, who had gained admission to my school the previous year, to help me with getting financial aid and preparing for the transition to Business School-it was a truly wonderful experience working with Total Ascent.’’

Philip Akporiaye - University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Our Partners

Total Ascent has worked successfully with individuals and educational institutions, providing the tools, knowledge and skills to help them achieve their personal and professional goals by scaling the GMAT test. Some of our partners include:

About the GMAT

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized, computer-based assessment that is used as part of the selection process for graduate admissions. The GMAT is primarily used by Business Schools as a criterion for admission into a wide range of graduate management programs, including MBA, Master of Accountancy, and Master of Finance programs. GMAT test scores are also used as a basis for awarding financial assistance to prospective students. If you want to get into a top business school or apply for Financial Aid, your GMAT score is very important.

What does the GMAT Test?

The GMAT consists of four separately timed sections (score ranges in parenthesis):

  • Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA, 0-6): Measures reasoning and construction of a written analysis – 30 minutes
  • Integrated Reasoning (IR, 1-8): Measures the ability to analyze and synthesize data from multiple sources and in different formats to solve complex problems – 30 minutes
  • Quantitative (0-60): Measures the ability to reason quantitatively and discern how much data are needed to solve problems – 75 minutes
  • Verbal (0-60): Measures the ability to analyze texts, draw inferences, and convey meaning effectively in English – 75 minutes

How is the GMAT scored?

When you complete the GMAT, you will be able to view and print an unofficial score report that shows your Quantitative, Verbal and Total Scores, as well as your percentiles (the percent of individuals who took the GMAT test that you performed better than) . An official score report that includes your Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) score will be mailed to you and your designated score recipients approximately two weeks after the test. The GMAT Total score(200-800) is based on performance on the Quantitative and Verbal sections.

How do I register?

After online registration at, the GMAT exam can be taken at any approved GMAT Testing Centre on any desired date.

How do I prepare?

Total Ascent provides multiple options for preparing you for the GMAT exam, personalized to fit your particular needs. Check out our GMAT Prep Offerings page for more information.

For more information on the GMAT exams, click here To find out more about registration for the GMAT exam, call us on 08101362561 or 08104224268 to walk you through the process.