Human Resources

Carry out job analysis to create a job design, sourcing to Identify candidates to fill job vacancy, recruit suitable candidate for job, training and development of new recruit and Conduct performance appraisals.

  • Maintenance of company policies and HR records

Controlling the creation, growth and accessibility of company records. Assisting regulatory compliance and reducing litigation risks. Protecting important company information. Ensuring that information available to assist in decision-making is readily retrievable.

  • Administration of compensation and company programs

Develop a program outline. Designate an individual to oversee designing the compensation program. Develop a compensation philosophy. Conduct a job analysis of all positions. Determine an appropriate salary structure. Develop a salary administration policy. Communicate the final program to employees and managers.

  • Staff Induction   and Training

General Training relating to the organization, including values and philosophy as well as structure and history. Job training relating to the role that the new recruit will be performing. Training evaluation entailing confirmation of understanding, and feedback about the quality and response to the training.