What Differentiates Us

Total Ascent was established to provide the right resources, insights, tools and training for our clients to “dare to dream” and “make it happen”.

Total Ascent was founded in Chicago, USA in 2006, by our CEO, Tosin Okojie. After graduating with an MBA from the Yale School of Management, Tosin worked in several senior management roles with Fortune 100 companies and multinationals across different continents. During this period, he realized that there were a lot of individuals who were not achieving their full potential in education and business circles due to a lack of adequate guidance, information or skills.

Whether it was gaining admission to a top institution or excelling in career and business, too many individuals were “settling for less”. Total Ascent was established to provide the right resources, insights, tools and training for our clients to “dare to dream” and “make it happen”.

Test Preparation & Admissions Consulting

The initial focus of the business was providing Test Preparation & Admissions Consulting services to help our clients achieve their dreams of admission into top Colleges and MBA programs. Our wide network of Tutors and Admissions Consultants all have stellar academic qualifications from top Business and Graduate Schools, and extensive corporate experience. This allows us effectively match our clients with Tutors and Admissions Consultants who have successfully gone through the exact same process themselves, and can provide the specific and personalized end-to-end support needed for each client to succeed. Over the years, our clients have successfully gained admission to top Graduate and MBA programs in the US and Europe.

Building on this, we expanded our range of services support professional growth and success in the corporate environment. Our services in Leadership Development and Training ensure that we help individuals, and consequently teams and organizations, achieve their full potential. We have successfully partnered with several multinationals and corporations across the United States and Africa (some of our Clients and Partners), helping them fuel business growth and financial success through innovative training interventions and initiatives for building leadership at all levels.

Value Proposition

We believe that the best results are achieved when you blend good experience, global best practices and the local context to create customized solutions that are appropriate and effective for a particular individual, team, organization or situation. This principle permeates our entire organization and drives our value proposition:

  • Our team consists of individuals with both local and international experience in their areas of expertise, and brings this combination to bear in effectively supporting you to achieve your goals – whether we’re implementing a Leadership Development initiative, tutoring a GMAT/GRE class, prepping you for a job interview or facilitating a training
  • Our methodologies are based on global best practices, fine-tuned to suit your specific requirement, geography and context.
  • Our solutions are “local context” compliant, ensuring that you get the skills, insights and support applicable to your specific environment, industry or need.

We are all about customized solutions that ensure you get exactly what you need so that you can “dare to dream”.